Welcome to Doctor Choice Medical Center

Primary Care Physician
Our center offers some of the best primary physicians in the Palm Beach County whom have special training and capacity to attend our senior citizens. Our specialized physicians care for each individual with the out most respect and provide them with the best experience. We provide physical checkups which monitor their health and progress. The physicians at Doctor’s Choice Medical Center see many patient visits regularly and we make sure to give each one the time and attention they deserve.

Laboratory Test
Doctor’s Choice Medical Center provides laboratory testing for our patients. Having them in our center eliminates the wait to access them elsewhere. The exams will be done by our professionals who give us a certainty of accuracy in a short period of time.Laboratory testing is done to examine the patient and help find the best treatment.

Free Transportation
We want everyone to have a unique and wonderful experience here at Doctor’s Choice. Our office is sure to help each patient get the attention they each deserve. We have free transportation for all seniors whom may need it. We will gladly pick you up from your destination to bring you down to you center and accommodate you back home.

Dental Coverage
Our unique office offers dental coverage to all of our patients. Having a good dental hygiene helps prevent future health problems. Our dentist is sure to help you have an extraordinary experience as well as giving you a better and brighter smile.

Free Delivery of Medicines
Once one of our doctors have examined and diagnosed the patient, they will provide them with an accurate medication. Only our center provides the luxury of having it delivered FREE to your home. No need to worry on when it be ready for pick up. As soon as it’s ready we will bring it to you.

  • Prompt Appointments with your PCP and Specialists.

  • In-house medication dispensing and delivery at no cost.

  • Health & Exercise Programs.

  • Sonograms / Ultrasounds.

  • Walk-in services.

  • Laboratory services.

  • EKGs.

  • X-Rays

  • Dental Care Services.

  • Vision Care Services

  • Chiropractic Services


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